Life can provide us opportunities that feel like we are coasting through the days. Other times life hands us challenges where we feel we are paddling upstream, sometimes all by ourselves!   

Amazingly, we survive the challenge, but our body, mind, heart and soul can be left scarred from the experience.  At the very least, it can change how we view the world and ourselves.  My goal is to help heal the pain and help you find the underlying strength, courage and beauty that lies within you. Walking beside you on this journey of healing is an honor and a privilege.

There are times when daily stressors just seem too much. When internal conflict fosters social anxiety, or social relationships overwhelm us. There are days we struggle to motivate ourselves to face the day. Other times, we may have so many emotions all at once, we can’t focus, or don’t know how to slow down and grab a hold of them long enough to sort out the confusion. Sometimes we don’t even recognize ourselves and the ways we act.

If this describes where you are in your life right now,  maybe I can help you find your path to a calmer, brighter tomorrow.